1. Definition

Website means the website bgmediation-flm.com, including any information, design, the text and the entire content of pages contained in it, all domains associated with the site, software products and technologies representing an integral part of the site.

The website bgmediation-flm.com belongs to Foundation “Personality and Motivation- 2006", /FPM/.

2. Acceptance of terms of use for the Website.

When using this website you agree to this latest version of the Terms of Use as Foundation “Personality and Motivation- 2006" reserves the right to modify this Terms and you should periodically check for changes. You agree:

- not to publish offensive, defamatory, threatening or other materials that would violate constitutional rights of people and the legislation in force.

- not to publish materials subject of copyright unless you own the rights or you are granted written consent of their owner or their author.

- the information you publish on the pages of the site will be stored in a database and will be used by the Internet users.

- by visiting this site you use it voluntarily and on your responsibility, and FPM shall bear no responsibility for the occurrence of direct or indirect damages resulted from its use.

3. Copyrights.

All images, logos, pictures, photos, texts, documents, databases and other information or promotional materials posted on this website, as well as all the software programs and applications are owned by FPM and are protected by the legislation in force.

Any reproduction, modification, content downloading, copying in any way of the website or its content is strictly prohibited.

Foundation “Personality and Motivation- 2006" is entitled to take legal action against such violations in accordance with the regulations as provided for by law.

4. Other rights.

The website provides space to share thoughts, experience, and communication. Writing in Bulgarian and Cyrillic is required.

Users can request a publication of comments on topics or comments on such topics by providing titles that describe them as accurately as possible. Only those articles and comments on articles written with the necessary respect to readers, the author of the article, the Foundation and to this site will be published. No criticism to others, copying texts from other websites, long quotes, and too large pictures will be tolerated. All messages, comments and opinions shall only express the views and opinion of their authors, but not administrators’ and owners’ of the site.

The team has the right not to publish or to delete published materials, to edit them in its sole discretion, to change prices, promotions and other information and to make changes in the website’s content, design and technology. It can also send e-mails to users of the site providing information of its services and products if consumers have not requested to receive such e-mails.

bgmediation-flm.com, the owners and site administrators shall bear no responsibility:

- for the accuracy and/or quality of goods and services published as advertisements;

- for the content of articles published on this website by authors who have paid for the publication;

- for any damages that may result from the improper use of resources on the site or third parties malicious acts;

- for direct or indirect losses, damages or benefits foregone incurred as a result of using the site and the information published or from its misinterpretation.

These Terms constitute a contract between Foundation “Personality and Motivation- 2006" and the users of the website on how to use it. The website is in conformity with the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria and users from other countries visiting the site are responsible for compliance with Bulgarian law.