FPM - Ruse accepts applications for participation in a given programme, preparation of psychological research and participation in training seminars.

Programmes - with individual or group participation

  1. Programmes for children and adolescents:
    – for overcoming trauma from separation or parents divorce;
    – for coping with emotioan experiences of children with parenrs working in another coutry;
    – for coping with aggressive, deviant or delinquent behavior.
  2. Adult programmes:
    – at separation, divorce, death, loneliness, disease, childcare of a single parent, nicotin dependence and others.
  3. Program for coping with stress, fear conditions, depression, which have a negative effect on the personal and professional life.
  4. "Virtual Consulting" Programme - for individuals over 18 y.o., studying or working in Bulgaria or other counries - an option for online psychological consulting and support.
  5. Programme for crisis consulting at stress conditions.
  6. Programme for psychological assistance to people with health problems.


  1. Psychodiagnostics and analysis of personal, professional or creative profile and psychological compatibility
  2. Examination of professional stress and burn-out syndrome - individual or in groups.
  3. Preparing of psychological statement of personal development for children and adults.

Thematic training

  1. Team building. Working in a team. Team motivation.
  2. Development of creative potential of an individual
  3. Forming of skills for effective communication
  4. Development of emotional intelligence.
  5. Development of social competence.
  6. Stress and time management.
  7. Psychological and social work with children with anti-social behaviour
  8. Relaxing and compensation for coping with daily stress effects