„...If you can change things and warm up the heart of at least one person, ... If you can give him support, appreciation and optimism. ... If you can bring a smile on somebody’s face, to make him feel understood and meaningful

,,I‘ve always been looking for strength and confidence beyond myself, but they come from within.
They’ve always been there. "

Anna Freud


Psychological consulting and support is oriented to the mentally healthy individuals who are experiencing certain difficulties or are setting goals for the realization of which additional insight and training is needed. For this reason we call them customers, not patients.

The purpose of each consultation is to help individuals to find an effective solution to their problem.

A psychologist and the client work together as one team with different hypotheses in order to find a decision of analyzed problem. A consultant helps the individual to express his experiences and motivates him to change perceptions and behavioral strategies, to find out new opportunities for him to deal with daily difficulties. There are specific methods and techniques applied in psychological consulting and therapy, individual programs are also prepared for each client and depending on the problem. The psychologist teaches the person how to apply some techniques in order to overcome the problem and supports his efforts in achieving continued success.

OFF – LINE psychological consulting and support:

- Individual – also known as counseling” face to face” and includes a psychologist and a client. This method is used for the development of personal potential, for the formation of knowledge and skills for more effective functioning in everyday life, to improve the quality of life and achieve psychological well-being.

Problems, forcing clients come to us most frequently are related to the experience of stress and distress, personal anxiety, loss of a significant person or work, relations in a situation of separation or divorce and others.

Our clients learn how to achieve self-confidence, how to gain their goals, how to analyze social situations in which they fall, how to remove the daily stress by means psychological approaches and relaxation techniques, etc.

- Group – This method is applied by psychologist when working simultaneously with several clients in the form of:

1. Socio-psychological training to develop skills for effective communication, teamwork, coping with fear, anxiety and stress, developing emotional intelligence and social competence, etc.

For forthcoming trainings and seminars read the NEWS or place an order for the announced by using the PROGRAMMES & SEMINARS button.

2. Groups for self-knowledge and self-development in problematic relationships with parents or authority, friends or partners, anxiety, stress and depression, dependence on nicotine, for psychological assistance and support to sick persons, for understanding their own feelings and develop adaptive behavior, for understanding the strengths and increasing self-assessment, etc.

Work in groups provide people with the opportunity to share their problems openly, to learn more about themselves receiving useful information from the presenter and other participants. Group work motivates people to change their normal patterns of response and to transfer lessons learned in real situations. Group discussions are absolutely confidential.

Participating in a group, you will notice that other people are experiencing similar problems. This helps to develop interest and confidence in group work and feel its relaxing effects.

- Crisis consulting – in stress conditions, for overcoming and coping with negative effects destroying the normal functioning of people in life or at work. The purpose of crisis consulting is to restore the balance.

This method of consulting provides information, management of the crisis process, support to people in crisis and continues from 1 to 3 months.

Foundation “Personality and Motivation- 2006" creates space where each client is given the opportunity to share his problems openly, to analyze his behavioral strategies and to find solutions. All sessions are held by scheduled date and time, reserved in advance. The necessary number of session for each client is determined at the fist session and is strictly individual.

ON - LINE consulting and support on the Internet:

Foundation “Personality and Motivation- 2006" offers its clients the opportunity for psychological consulting and support on the web.

Virtual consultation is irreplaceable, when the personal contact with psychologist is difficult due to time difference, remoteness of the client, health problems, having a busy day or some another reason. The number of people who are turning to electronic consultation and counseling is constantly increasing, because it facilitates access to psychological help and support, reduces stress, provides complete privacy and confidentiality.

Psychological on line consulting is a kind of help for people facing a specific problem in their professional or private life. The main areas we can be helpful for are:

- fear, stress, depression;

- analysis of adaptive and non adaptive behavioral models

- crisis intervention and counseling;

- problems caused by separation, divorce or loss of a significant people or work;

- in complex families or parents working abroad;

- in deviant social behavior;

- in psychosomatic diseases-hypertension, ulcer, diabetes, etc.;

- increasing self-assessment and self-confidence;

- other problems.

Virtual contacts can be made in Bulgarian by means of e-mail or Skype, and in English - by e-mail only.