Foundation “Personality and Motivation – 2006" (FPM), Ruse is a non-profit organization which was established in 2006.

FPM’s mission is to promote intellectual, professional and spiritual development of individuals and families, to approve and apply Mediation as an alternative method and a new culture in resolving disputes and conflicts outside the court, to provide psychological and legal assistance in solving problems caused by separation or divorce, to work for development of tolerance in interpersonal relations of individuals and families, and to overcome social alienation.

Programs and projects are being developed to provide funding for initiatives directed to people with severe health problems, unemployed and socially disadvantaged, or to other socially significant processes.

FPM has been working to achieve its objectives through the following activities:

  • legal and psychosocial consulting, therapy and support;
  • organizing and conducting trainings, seminars, groups for meetings, researches, analyzing topics chosen by clients and others;
  • organizing and conducting mediation procedures as well as training for mediators in the Center for Mediation to FPM.

By Order No LC-04-1638/Dec 16, 2009 of the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Bulgaria, under Article 8, paragraph 4 of the Law on Mediation in conjunction with Article 2, paragraph 4 and Article 6 of Regulation No2/March 15, 2007, Foundation „Personality and Motivation – 2006", Ruse was licensed as organization providing training to mediators.

Mediation, as an alternative and regulated by law method,
is a way of settling argument or disputes – quickly, conveniently, easy,
economically advantageous, providing confidence, efficiently.

Mediation is well-known in the country -members of the EU and America, where it is more often used as a method of resolving conflicts.

MEDIATION provides benefits that everyone needs.